SEGELL SMART is an accreditation of Integral Management of educational innovation and excellence in schools designed by the Tr@ms Foundation, certified by the UOC and funded by the Caixa d’Enginyers.

The purpose of the SEGELL SMART is to establish a common framework for implementing high-quality education and innovation in schools, working from a global perspective and with expert support at each key stage.

Educational Community

The objective is to facilitate the involvement and motivation of the teaching staff, implementing important aspects including teaching, independent development of activities as well as management of knowledge and the relationship with the school, within a framework of improvement and participation.

The Students

This area focuses on comprehensive support for students, the quality of their education, the integration of values and provision of working environments, favouring the students’ participation and creativity.


The purpose of this area is to enhance the school’s relationship with society and a wide range of interest groups, in order to ensure fluid communication and active introduction of the differentiating features of value offered by the school in all the fields in which it has the capacity to make an impact. The targets implemented should help the school to position itself as the preferred choice for families.

Product and Methodology

The targets in this area focus on improving the educational quality at the school and the students’ development of the skills and abilities required to adapt to and take advantage of the potential of an increasingly dynamic environment, promoting innovation in teaching methods and the integrated use of technology and foreign languages.